How to Troubleshoot a Drum That Won't Go on After Replacing Brake Shoes?

Answer Servicing drum brakes is a relatively easy task for the DIY mechanic, but it can sometimes be frustrating to get all of the bits and pieces back together again. One common problem faced by inexperi... Read More »

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Replacing Rear Dodge Brake Shoes?

The rear brake system on a Dodge works by the brake shoes applying pressure to the inside of a drum when the brake pedal is pushed. The friction this creates causes the vehicle to come to a stop. O... Read More »

Replacing Brake Shoes on a Toyota Pickup?

The rear brake system on a Toyota pickup uses brake shoes. The rear brake shoes do not need to be replaced as often as brake pads, but need to be replaced after reaching a thickness of less than on... Read More »

How Long Should Drum Brake Shoes Last?

Using false eyelashes doubles the outlining effect to your eyes compared to using eyeliner. It also gives your eyes a more feminine and yet striking look since it emphasizes the shapes of the eyes.... Read More »

How to Adjust Drum Brake Shoes?

Drum brakes operate similar to disk brakes. Pressure is placed upon the spinning wheel through brake shoes which creates the stopping power. The difference is in the layout of the brakes. Drum brak... Read More »