How to Troubleshoot a Comcast Telephone?

Answer You'll always find problems with your Comcast telephone service an inconvenience, but you can troubleshoot issues with the system yourself. Sometimes, you'll discover your own solution. Serving as ... Read More »

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I have comcast telephone service how do u block numbers?

-Lift the receiver and listen for the dial tone. -Press *60. -A menu of options will guide you in managing this feature. The prompts will enable you to activate and deactivate the feature as w... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a Comcast Scientific American Cable Box?

Cable boxes and Internet connections are known for sometimes developing problems that require troubleshooting. The Internet or cable goes down as a result of various electrical problems or a proble... Read More »

Can you transfer a landline telephone number to a cellular telephone?

It is possible to take your landline telephone number and transfer it to a cellular telephone, according to Utility Consumers' Action Network. Numbers can also be transferred from one cell phone pr... Read More »

How telephone numbers are assign to the subscribers by the telephone exchange?

All the numbers go into a giant pool as they build a central office. In the old days, they used to allocate specific numbers for different functions, like maybe the 6500 group for business hunting... Read More »