How to Troubleshoot a Car Engine Losing Power?

Answer Troubleshooting a car engine to determine why it's losing power is a challenging undertaking simply because of the complexity of car engine system. However, engine power loss is typically the resul... Read More »

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How to Stop a Car Cutting out and Losing All Power?

If it's an older model car, this sounds like a fuel starvation problem.

How to Change a Car Battery Without Losing Power?

Today's cars have a number of circuits that require continuous power. If the sound system loses power, preset radio station tuning will be lost and the clock will have to be reset. There may even b... Read More »

What Causes Losing Power Steering When Making a Turn?

The automotive power steering system functions as a steering assist that lessens the amount of pressure applied to the steering wheel to turn and maneuver a vehicle. Hydraulic versions comprise the... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a 289 Engine?

The Ford 289 engine was among Ford's more popular small block engines of the 1960s until it was replaced by the 302 in 1968. The 289 was equipped in a number of vehicles, but is probably most close... Read More »