How to Troubleshoot a Brake Switch on a Honda Accord?

Answer The brake switch on a Honda Accord sends an electrical signal to the brake lights. This switch is set to be always "hot." This means that power is constantly flowing to the brake lights, even when ... Read More »

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How do I Troubleshoot a 1996 Honda Accord Repair Ignition Switch?

Honda has used the same, basic design for its vehicles' ignition switches for many years. It is installed inside of the steering column cover -- directly opposite the ignition key -- and held in pl... Read More »

How Do I Troubleshoot Brake Problems on a 1995 Honda Accord?

The 1995 Honda Accord's braking system is critical in terms of safety and should therefore be tended to immediately upon noticing any problem. The Accord's braking system consists of a variety of c... Read More »

How to Reset a Honda Accord Collision Switch?

Many injuries and fatalities have been avoided in Honda Accords because of the collision switch. The collision switch senses when the vehicle may be in a crash and shuts off the fuel supply to the ... Read More »

How to Install a Fan Thermo Switch in a Honda Accord?

The thermo switch in a Honda Accord is located either in the bottom of the radiator or in the coolant pipe located above the oil filter, depending on the year model. This switch senses the temperat... Read More »