How to Troubleshoot a 2 Stroke Gas Engine?

Answer Figuring out what causes a two-stroke engine to malfunction or perform weakly typically involves identifying what is throwing off the fuel/air mixture. Additionally, the ignition timing, if set inc... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot a Ryobi Two-Stroke Engine?

A majority of Ryobi's line of power tools use a two-stroke gas-powered engine. These engines, with their simplicity and efficiency, only require three basic things to run: spark, gas and compressio... Read More »

2 Stroke Engine Maintenance?

A 2-stroke engine is a smaller type of engine that is used for devices that do not usually need as much horsepower as large vehicles such as cars. 2-stroke engines are designed for gardening applia... Read More »

What Is the Bore & Stroke of an Engine?

The bore and stroke are the measurements that determine the engine displacement. Displacement is one of the factors that determines the overall engine power. The configuration of the piston also de... Read More »

How does a 2 stroke engine work?

Engines are classified as either two or four stroke. This classification system uses the piston's movement, or its "stroke," as the defining characteristic. In a two stroke engine, the piston makes... Read More »