How to Troubleshoot a 1987 Mercedes Transmission?

Answer The 1987 Mercedes transmission was mostly reliable and trouble-free. However, user error often contributed to premature transmission failure. The most common problems with the '87 transmission were... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot a 1987 Mitsubishi Galant Auto Transmission?

The Galant is mid-sized sedan manufactured by Mitsubishi. The 1987 Mitsubishi Galant features a 2.4-liter engine and an optional five-speed manual transmission, or a four-speed automatic transmissi... Read More »

How to Put a Fuel Pump on a 1987 Mercedes 560 SEL?

The 1987 Mercedes 560 SEL has an electronic fuel pump submerged in the gasoline tank on the bottom of the car. Unlike some other Mercedes vehicles, the 560 SEL does not feature an entry panel in th... Read More »

How do I Replace the Fuel Filter for a 1987 Mercedes Benz 560SEL?

The fuel filter on the 1987 Mercedes Benz 560SEL separates impure particulates from the fuel supply before it reaches the engine, preventing micro-abrasions that can wear out engine components over... Read More »

How to Do Maintenance on a 1987 F-350 Transmission?

The transmission fluid in a 1987 Ford F-350 has several functions. Its main function is to act as a lubricant for the moving components and as a hydraulic fluid. The secondary function of the fluid... Read More »