How to Troubleshoot a 1962 Ford Falcon Overheating?

Answer The most common cooling system problems associated with a 1962 Falcon are engine overheating and slow engine warm-up. The Falcon's radiator stores the coolant under pressure, which raises the point... Read More »

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1962 Ford Falcon Specifications?

Ford had sold over one million Falcons by 1962. The popularity of the car was largely due to the different variations available including the Futura, which could get up to 32.68 miles per gallon.

How to Troubleshoot Overheating in a Ford Focus?

The Ford Focus uses a belt driven water pump to circulate coolant -- a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze -- through the engine. As the coolant moves through the engine it absorbs heat generated by ... Read More »

How to Wire an Ignition Switch on a 1962 Falcon?

Wiring the ignition switch on a 1962 Ford Falcon is the same as its sister car, the 1962 Mercury Comet. The switch has four terminals labeled "A", "B", "S", and "I". Terminal "A" receives power fro... Read More »

How do I Repair an Overheating 1962 Corvette?

The 1962 Corvette remains a popular choice for classic-car enthusiasts. The model year marked the debut of the 327 engine and the end of the C1, or first, Corvette body style. Because on-board diag... Read More »