How to Troubleshoot VGA to HDMI Converter Problems?

Answer A large flat-screen television and a computer stocked with the latest games and high-definition videos is a combination perfect for any man-cave or entertainment room. For computers with video card... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot Catalytic Converter Car Problems?

The catalytic converter in your vehicle sits in-line with the exhaust pipe and acts as a filter for the exhaust system. Contaminants in the exhaust are filtered through small holes in a ceramic cyl... Read More »

HDMI to RCA Converter help?

HDMI to RCA converter:…I assume you have a non-HDTV which is why you need the converter so this is the connection:xbox to PVR via HDMIPVR to converter via... Read More »

Is there an HDMI to RCA converter?

The is much confusion on this topic. First, you are correct that a passive adapter, which only changes pin arrangements but does no signal conversion, will not work for you (although they do exist)... Read More »

Hdmi to 5-rca converter?…