How to Troubleshoot Sears Drill Batteries?

Answer Sears drills are sold under the Craftsman brand. Drill battery technology has been improving and it's now possible to get lithium ion battery products for drills. This is an improvement over nickel... Read More »

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Cordless drill from Craftsman ( Sears ) the battery pack is faulty - yellow light?

It is rarely worth it to buy a battery pack. It might be worth it if you had a number of tools that all take the same pack. I would try to get $5 out of it at a garage sale and move on. When you sh... Read More »

Can batteries for a cordless drill be fixed?

You can fix batteries for a cordless drill. A meter can be used to determine which cells in the battery pack are bad, and a soldering iron and solder can be used to replace the bad cells. The total... Read More »

Can you repair cordless drill batteries?

Cordless drill battery repair is a controversial issue but getting the proper advice and taking the correct steps can make the task possible. Replacement cordless batteries can be very expensive, a... Read More »

Why do my Ryobi Lithium 18v Drill batteries go bad so fast?

Ryobi is an offshore supplier of tools usually marketed by big box home handyman stores (Lowes, Home Depot) that are known for their poor reliability and quality.Batteries for these tools are chea... Read More »