How to Troubleshoot Scooter Brakes?

Answer Checking your scooter brakes regularly helps prevent stopping problems later when riding your scooter; knowing how to identify the cause of a problem helps with repairs once an issue occurs. Most b... Read More »

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How to Fix the Front Brakes on a Scooter?

If you're a lucky scooter owner, your front brakes use a drum system. However, most modern scooters have front disc brakes, which are a bit more complicated. Knowing how to repair either system is ... Read More »

Adjusting Scooter Drum Brakes?

Many scooters made and sold today come with a disc brake on the front wheel, which generally involves working with a hydraulic fluid line and caliper for adjustments. However, the rear wheel on man... Read More »

How to Adjust Disk Brakes on a Motorcycle Scooter?

Once the prevailing method for braking, the drum and shoe brakes of yesteryear are gone for the most part. Although effective enough for most situations, drum-type brakes required constant adjustme... Read More »

How do I Adjust the Hydraulic ABS Disc Brakes on a Motorcycle Scooter?

Disc brake systems on modern motorcycles and scooters work with one setting, which is activated by pressure. However, over time, as the brake pads wear down, more pressure is needed to get the same... Read More »