How to Troubleshoot Problems With Run Flat Tires?

Answer Run flat tires are designed with thicker sidewalls in order to get you to a tire shop if you have a flat tire. As a result, most cars designed with run flat tires do not come with a spare tire, sin... Read More »

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Can you replace run flat tires on a BMW with regular tires?

BMW does not recommend that run flat tires be replaced with regular tires. A BMW that has run flat tires has had its braking and suspension set in order to accommodate run flat tires. Replacing the... Read More »

How to Fix Flat Spots in Tires?

There are different reasons why your car might be shaking when you drive. One of the reasons for a bad ride is flat spots on your tires. Flat spots can be caused by locking up your brakes or by you... Read More »

Who makes run flat tires?

Good Year, Bridgestone and Kumho are all manufacturers of types of run flat tires. These tires offer temporary assistance by holding the weight of the automobile after the tire is punctured so that... Read More »

Do i have to use run flat tires on my BMW 328i?

Although the BMW 328i comes with run flat tires, you can change to standard tires. However, if you change one tire to a standard tire, you must change all of them, as mixing tire types is unsafe.Re... Read More »