How to Troubleshoot Nissan Pathfinder Low Tire Pressure Sensor Malfunction?

Answer Many people don't know that it is mandatory for every vehicle manufactured today to have a low tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) installed. The reason for this is that so many accidents and e... Read More »

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How to Check Air Pressure in a Tire in a Nissan Pathfinder?

The Nissan Pathfinder was originally built as a more compact SUV. It later developed into a mid-sized SUV. The tires on your Pathfinder have recommended load limits to which you should adhere, as w... Read More »

How to Clear the Tire Pressure Light on a Nissan Pathfinder?

The Nissan Pathfinder, like many other models of car, comes with an automatic tire pressure sensor. This sensor, which received input from all four of your tires, won't do anything until the pressu... Read More »

How To Reset the Low Tire Pressure Sensor on a 2008 Nissan Sentra?

Tire pressure monitoring systems became a staple on luxury cars in the late 1990s. Through the 2000s, buyers began seeing TPMS on some high-end domestic cars and light trucks. This system came in t... Read More »

Where is the spare tire on my nissan pathfinder?

The Nissan Pathfinder spare tire on model years 1996 through 2004 is attached to the tailgate on the rear hatch of the vehicle. Model years 2005 through 2010 have it located under the rear of the ... Read More »