How to Troubleshoot Fuel Filters?

Answer The fuel filter is the component that filters the contaminates out of the fuel running to the engine. On most vehicles, the filter is located underneath the hood on the passenger side, secured to t... Read More »

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How to Purchase Fuel Filters and a Fuel Line Disconnect Tool?

Fuel filters are a necessary part of any vehicle owner's maintenance plan. If you plan to replace them yourself, odds are, you'll need to purchase the filters along with a fuel line disconnect tool... Read More »

About Fuel Filters?

Fuel filters are necessary on all vehicles and gasoline engines of all kinds to help keep dirt, pollutants and debris from getting into your car engine and clogging lines, hoses and overheating met... Read More »

How Do You Know If Your Fuel Filters are Clogged?

Fuel filters are a part of the fuel system on cars. They are designed to trap and filter dirt to ensure that the fuel your car runs on is clean. Usually the fuel filters are fitted somewhere betwee... Read More »

How do fuel filters work?

Fuel filters trap any large foreign particles in your car's fuel. Filters are found along the fuel lines, either underneath the vehicle or in the engine compartment, according to Read More »