How to Troubleshoot Ford Taurus Oxygen Sensors?

Answer The oxygen sensor on the Ford Taurus checks the air to fuel ratio as the engine runs to make sure that the Taurus is running with the correct mixture of air to gasoline. Since the ideal mixture is ... Read More »

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How to Test 2002 Ford Taurus Oxygen Sensors?

Replacing an O2 or oxygen sensor in your Ford Taurus can be an expensive repair. The sensors are not difficult to replace but they do take a little time. In most cases, a faulty sensor will cause t... Read More »

How do I Replace 2002 Ford Taurus Oxygen Sensors?

A properly-functioning oxygen sensor ensures that your vehicle is operating at its optimal level of efficiency and that it continues to meet the emission requirements around which it was designed. ... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Automotive Oxygen Sensors?

Automobile manufacturers must follow stringent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules, along with other government guidelines that regulate their industry. The oxygen sensor, or O2 sensor, is ... Read More »

How many oxygen sensors does a Ford Expedition have?

The 2010 Ford Expedition and all previous models dating back to 1994 have two oxygen sensors. One oxygen sensor is located after the headers where exhaust gases exit the engine. The other is found ... Read More »