How to Troubleshoot Car Radiators?

Answer The radiator is one of your car's essential components. Its purpose is to remove excess heat from the engine, as well as maintain the correct temperature while the car is operating. It is common fo... Read More »

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How does air get inside radiators?

Ted C's answer is close.Water contains dissolved air.The dissolved air is released when the water is heated.Sealed systems do loose a little water over time which must be replenished and this adds ... Read More »

What Are the Dangers of Radiators?

Other than those with air-cooled engines, all cars have radiators of some sort. Though these important heat exchangers are generally well-engineered, it should never be forgotten that they often c... Read More »

My radiators is leaking can anyone help?

Sounds like you mean the raqdiator valve on central heating radiator, the valve has a spindle under the plastic cover, there is a nut at the bottom, probably needs tightening slightly. dont overdo it.

How to Specify Auto Radiators?

There's nothing worse than being all geared up to replace an auto part and realizing that the part you purchased is not a match. Radiators are one part that, after you read the following informatio... Read More »