How to Troubleshoot & Adjust the Cube Size Control on an Ice Maker?

Answer Refrigerator ice makers provide quick and convenient access to cubed, and in some cases, crushed ice without using molds. If you rely on your ice maker for cubes, it can be frustrating if the unit ... Read More »

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What would cause a refrigerator ice maker to overflow and run water into the ice cube tray?

How to Adjust the Tension On a DIY Cube?

Adjusting the tension on the DIY cube is needed after using the cube for a while to tighten any loose connections. The screw can loosen up from all the turning of the cube or it might be too tight ... Read More »

How can l control the Excel Export from a Gridview. I want to be able to control page size, font, orientation?

I have created Macros before that basically re-formats whole workbooks (from 3 to 50 worksheets) for printing. It is easier to control from within the VBA code of MS-Excel. And it will allow one ... Read More »

How should I adjust my batter for a donut maker that's too hot?

get a thermometer and fry them at the right temp. turn it off and regulate the temp that way