How to Troubleshoot 1997 Ford Glow Plugs?

Answer Glow plugs are used in diesel engines. Their main purpose is to warm the engine to ensure a quick and smooth start. The 1997 Ford vehicles that are equipped with diesel engines include the Ford F-s... Read More »

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How to Replace the Glow Plugs on a 1997 Jetta Turbo Diesel?

Diesel engines function differently than gasoline engines, particularly in the case of a 1997 Volkswagen Jetta Turbo Diesel (or TDI) engine. These engines use glow plugs to heat up the fuel during ... Read More »

How to Replace Ford F-250 Glow Plugs?

The glow plugs on your Ford F-250 diesel pickup truck warm the air inside the precombustion chamber to help start the engine. The tip of the glow plug houses a coil or heating element. When worn, t... Read More »

How Do Ford Glow Plugs Work?

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How to Change Glow Plugs in a Ford 7.3?

Glow plugs are the diesel engine equivalent to spark plugs. Glow plugs work to heat the diesel fuel and require time to warm up before the engine is started. Glow plug replacement is identical to s... Read More »