How to Troll for Redfish?

Answer The red drum, or redfish, is a game fish found in coastal waters and estuaries all along the Eastern coast of the United States and the Gulf of Mexico. It is a notoriously challenging fish for angl... Read More »

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If you were going to be a troll, what section would you troll?

The adolescent section, and not in a perv way, just because so many of them come to the parenting section.Sadly, if i tried to troll, I think I'd be spotted a gazillion miles away by those who know... Read More »

Is Pacific red rockfish the same as redfish?

The Pacific red rockfish is not the same as the redfish, although it is sometimes called "redfish." The Pacific red rockfish is much larger and is found in the Pacific Ocean from the Bering Strait ... Read More »

How to Measure the Length of a Redfish?

Whether you are fishing for sport or you just want to prove to your buddies that your latest catch really was "this big," measuring a Redfish is a fairly straightforward task. To measure the fish f... Read More »

What company has a redfish logo?

While many companies use redfish for their advertising, the redfish wearing a pair of sunglasses found on the logo of Chuy's, a chain of Tex Mex restaurants, is one of the most well known.Reference... Read More »