How to Trim a Wild Plum Tree?

Answer Wild plums should be pruned just before their buds appear in late winter. Trees that are 1 to 3 years old should be pruned using an open center or vase cut. This type of pruning is used to remove t... Read More »

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How do i trim a wild plum tree?

One-Year-OldCut the single-stemmed young wild plum, called a whip, to 30 to 36 inches tall at the time of planting. Remove any dead, diseased and damaged branches. Wild plums look more like a bush ... Read More »

If a tree overhangs your garden and the person whos tree it is refuses to trim it are you entitled to trim it?

Simple answer - yes.You are well within your rights to cut/chop the part down which hangs over into your garden if, however, it is not over 75 years old. If it is over this age you will have to ge... Read More »

How to Trim Plum & Apricot Trees?

Plums and apricots are stone fruits: They have an edible fleshy section that surrounds a single hard stone, the pit, which holds the tree's seed. You should trim stone fruit trees to control their ... Read More »

What does a plum tree look like?

Plum trees produce fruit that range from deep purple to blue when ripe. They reach a height of 10 to 20 feet. The foliage grows in an ovular shape with a spread of 10 to 20 feet.Source:Arbor Day ... Read More »