How to Trim a Tree So It Is the Correct Shape?

Answer Most backyard trees benefit from occasional pruning. Removing dead branches prevents later branch-fall damage, while pruning narrow branch crotches creates a stronger tree. A tree's "correct" shape... Read More »

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How to Trim & Shape a Red Maple Tree?

The red maple tree, native to North America, is found in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 3 to 8. The tree typically reaches 40 to 60 feet tall when fully grown. Bright-green leaves in spring and summer ... Read More »

If a tree overhangs your garden and the person whos tree it is refuses to trim it are you entitled to trim it?

Simple answer - yes.You are well within your rights to cut/chop the part down which hangs over into your garden if, however, it is not over 75 years old. If it is over this age you will have to ge... Read More »

How to Correct Lip Shape?

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How to Correct the Shape of Your Fingernails?

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