How to Trim a Juniper Hedge?

Answer Junipers are narrow-leaved evergreens that do not require as much pruning as broad-leaved trees. Care must be taken when trimming these hedges because of the "dead zone" in the center of the shrub.... Read More »

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How do I trim a hedge with electric hedge trimmers?

Trimmer OrientationStart with the trimmer parallel to the hedge, so the blades only remove the upper-most or side-most leaves and branches. This will keep the hedge squared off and allow you to pru... Read More »

How do I trim an evergreen hedge?

Determine Proper Size and ShapeExamine the existing hedge to determine what the ideal size and shape is; how old or malformed the hedge currently is will tell you a lot about what it should become.... Read More »

How do I trim a privet hedge?

ToolsIf the privet hedge is small, use garden shears. However, if the hedge is long, electric or battery operated hedge clippers will do the job much faster. Put the electric cord over your should... Read More »

How to Trim a Japanese Juniper Bonsai Tree?

The Japanese juniper tree is one of the most popular bonsai species for beginners. Because bonsai in general are delicate dwarfed trees, they may seem intimidating for those just starting out, espe... Read More »