How to Trim Thinning Long Hair?

Answer Being faced with thinning hair can be a stressful situation that causes one to feel self-conscious about her appearance. Having the right haircut can make all the difference. Since the person is lo... Read More »

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How to Trim Long Hair?

Long hair is a stunning look on some women who take great pains to grow their hair to a certain length. To maintain that length requires substantial attention and the use of superior hair products.... Read More »

How to Trim Dry Ends of Long Hair?

It is a fact that long hair needs proper maintenance in order to stay healthy and beautiful. One key element in caring for long hair is eradicating dry, split ends around every six weeks or so. Kee... Read More »

Why did it take so long for humans to realize they could trim their pubic hair?

New moon and hair trimming, is this true you hair will grow faster if you trim on a new moon and if you trim?

For healthy Hair :Start With Proper Nutrition This is probably the single most important factor to having healthy hair. Just like any part of the body, the hair needs certain nutrients in certain a... Read More »