How to Trim My Euonymus Shrub?

Answer The Euonymus shrub category includes over 150 varieties of low maintenance plants. The Euonymus can tolerate almost any climate and soil type, and will thrive with regular trimming. The main goal o... Read More »

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Is the shrub Golden Euonymus 'Euonymus Japonicus aureo-marginata cold hardy to zones 6 or 7?

yes. (6) 7 to 96 is marginal, and may need protection

How to Trim a Shrub Oak?

Shrub oaks must be pruned for the same reasons that any shrub or tree requires pruning: To promote the plant's health, improve its appearance, maintain its usefulness as a hedge or for another purp... Read More »

How do I trim a holly shrub?

TimingPrune holly shrubs in December, when the plant is naturally dormant. Use sharp hand held landscape pruners to trim away all dead branches. Be careful to cut branches off cleanly, making the c... Read More »

How to Trim a Pyracantha Shrub?

The pyracantha shrub is scientifically known as Pyracantha coccinea and also called the scarlet firethorn bush. This shrub exhibits shiny dark green leaves, delicate white flowers in the spring, an... Read More »