How to Trim & Bullnose Tiles?

Answer Placing tile isn't an exact science. Sometimes the tiles you have available are just a slight bit too long for the space you're covering. When this happens, you have to trim a tile edge to fit the ... Read More »

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What number of tiles will make a rectangle that is 3 tiles wide and that is 4 tiles wide?

If I av not put grooves in my adhesive for my tiles will this effect my tiles They are on and seem fine?

Maybe and maybe not. There are several other factors such as how much you used, to thick or thin. What type of substrate your going over and what you did to prep the floor. Type of adhesive and if... Read More »

Is it mariwasa tiles corp have more quality than formosa ceramic tiles?

Tiles from the roof of an apartment building fell onto my car when it was windy. The tiles damaged my car.?

contact your insurance co. and let them handle it. that's what you are paying them to do. most likely they will write you a check and they will collect from the apartments.