How to Trim Boys Hair?

Answer Trimming a young boy's hair is not difficult and requires only a few basic supplies. Doing home haircuts will save you money and time. You may be nervous at first, but doing a basic trim is not har... Read More »

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New moon and hair trimming, is this true you hair will grow faster if you trim on a new moon and if you trim?

For healthy Hair :Start With Proper Nutrition This is probably the single most important factor to having healthy hair. Just like any part of the body, the hair needs certain nutrients in certain a... Read More »

Do boys prefer girls with curly hair or straight hair?

To be honest with you it shouldn't matter if you have straight, curly or if you have no hair. Boys shouldn't judge you by your hair or your looks because if they do they are just really shallow and... Read More »

Blond Hair Cuts for Boys With Long Hair?

When taking your boy for a haircut, consider the child's age, personality and hair. Is it curly or straight? Thick or thin? What shade of blond is it and are there any cowlicks? If your child loves... Read More »

How to Trim Ear Hair?

Unsightly hair in your ears can make even the most confident person self-conscious. Fortunately, trimming ear hair can be an easy and painless task. Simply invest in an adjustable magnifying mirror... Read More »