How to Treat an Oscar Fish With Hole in the Head Disease?

Answer "Hole in the head" disease or "head and lateral line erosion" in fish is caused by four conditions. These factors include poor water quality, incorrect diet, Heximita infections and the use of dust... Read More »

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How to Treat Tropical Fish With White Spot Disease (ich)?

White spot disease, *Ichthyophthirius multifilis* also known as Ich, is a parasite that most Tropical Fish enthusiast will at one time or another have to deal with. These parasites can be fatal to ... Read More »

Is the oscar fish a saltwater or freshwater fish?

Oscars, which originate in the waters of the Amazon, are freshwater fish. They are also known as peacock, walnut or velvet cichlids. Oscars come in a variety of colors, including olive green and al... Read More »

Can Oscar fish eat earthworms?

On One Hand: They Love ThemOscar fish enjoy eating earthworms, also known as night crawlers. You can harvest earthworms from your lawn or garden and feed them to the fish. Be sure not to keep them ... Read More »

How big do oscar fish get in the wild?

Oscar fish, Astronotus ocellatus, have been reported to grow between 30cm (about 12 inches) and 40cm (about 16 inches) in the wild. Oscar fish also can grow to weigh approximately 1.1kg (about 2.4 ... Read More »