How to Treat a Split Rail Fence?

Answer Anytime you use wood for something outdoors, such as a split rail fence, you run the risk of it weathering or rotting if you don't treat it. Treating a split rail fence will keep it from getting d... Read More »

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How do I treat a split rail fence?

PrepareClean the fence with a damp rag, and wait for the fence to dry. Fill a gallon bucket about one-third of the way with water-based wood protector.ApplyUse a brush to apply the protector over e... Read More »

How do I split trees for a split rail fence?

Cut Down the TreesChoose trees with long, straight trunks about 8 inches around. Cut down the tree, and cut it into your chosen length for the fence rails. Place the logs on a flat surface safe for... Read More »

How do I preserve a split rail fence?

Clean and Prepare the FenceClean your existing split rail fence posts and wood slats thoroughly with a garden hose or a pressure washer and a quality wood-cleaning product. Scrub stubborn spots wit... Read More »

How to Build Split Rail Fence?

Split rail fences were once built by simply stacking split logs in a zig-zag fashion. Modern split rail fences, also called post and rail fences, make use of fence posts. A split rail fence is easy... Read More »