How to Treat a Shiny Face?

Answer Your skin produces oil to keep itself healthy. At times, your skin's oil production increases and your skin may become shiny from the excess oil. Shiny skin is prone to acne and blemishes. Your ski... Read More »

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How to Keep Your Face From Being Shiny?

Shiny faces are often considered to be unattractive and irritating. Shiny skin is generally the result of an over-production of oil by the face's skin glands. Many men and women experience excess o... Read More »

How to Treat Flaky, Shiny Skin & Fungus?

Flaky, shiny skin and fungus could be psoriasis, eczema or fungus of the skin. Or, it could a combination of these skin conditions. Psoriasis and eczema involve dry, itchy, flaky and inflamed skin.... Read More »

How to get rid of a shiny or oily face?

Utilize a gel cleanser rather than soap or a creamy one if you want oil control. A creamy face wash will leave a residue in the skin and making it appear even oilier and soap is too drying and will... Read More »

How to Make Your Face Shiny With Mouthwash?

This helps if you are on a low budget. It is very easy to do. There are not many steps to do it.