How to Treat a Pine Tree With Sapsucker Damage?

Answer You have to look fast to see the yellow belly of the yellow-bellied sapsucker, a type of migrating woodpecker with black and white wings. It is easier to see the red throat of the male or the white... Read More »

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How long long will a Florida pine tree live after being infested with pine bark beetles?

Depends on the species of pine bark beetle. The Southern Pine Bark beetle can kill a tree almost before you knew the beetles arrived. Black Turpentine Bark beetles take longer, but usually attack... Read More »

Is it possible to treat pine trees so that they don't produce so DARN many pine cones?

I KNOW I wont get best answer for this....but instead of introducing more and more harmful chemicals just to make your raking easier....why not just cut the thing down? Its going to be far less ha... Read More »

Is It Worth Saving a Fruit Tree with Significant Branch Damage?

Saving a heavily damaged fruit tree is possible, but takes at least three or four years of careful, annual pruning. Unless the tree has sentimental or historical value, replacing it is often the be... Read More »

How to Treat Dandruff With Tea Tree Oil?

Many medicated dandruff shampoos are available to treat dandruff, but often these products smell medicinal and can irritate your scalp. An effective and natural remedy to treat dandruff flakes is T... Read More »