How to Treat a Goat's Sore Mouth?

Answer Sore mouth, orf or ecthyma is a condition that affects many different cattle species, like goats. The condition is a result of an infection from a virus and results in painful and bleeding lesions ... Read More »

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I have a sore on the roof of my mouth, i also have a white sore on my inner lip what could this be?

Why is my mouth so sore?

My mouth is really really sore , please help!?

In the dental world it's called a labial frenum. There are a multitude of things it could be, but one of the most common is canker sores. It is like the same kind you can get on the inside of you... Read More »

Mouth sore for almost a month please help?

HiYou need to get it looked at, a month is a long time to have an irritation, try gargling with salty water till you get an appointment.