How to Treat a Facial Abrasion?

Answer Facial abrasions may take skin off the face. Some facial abrasions are minor and just bleed slightly and sting. Major abrasions can remove multiple layers of skin and may even require stitches. Tre... Read More »

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How to Treat a Skin Flap or Abrasion During First Aid?

Some of the nastiest injuries that you are likely to ever have to deal with are skin flaps and abrasions. The technical term for a skin flap is an "avulsion," which is when your skin is literally t... Read More »

How to Treat Facial Hair?

Facial hair is something everyone has -- and while you may not love it -- unless you can afford expensive laser treatments to remove it permanently, it's here to stay. Luckily there are easy ways t... Read More »

How to Treat Facial Pores?

Enlarged facial pores can spoil an otherwise smooth and clear complexion. Large pores are frequently found in the T-zone, which is the nose, chin and surrounding skin. This is especially the case, ... Read More »

How to Treat a Facial Cyst?

A facial cyst -- or dermoid cyst -- is a sac-like growth that forms within or on top of the skin. It occurs when skin structures are trapped during the fetal stages of development. These cysts can ... Read More »