How to Treat Your Hair With Jojoba Oil?

Answer Jojoba oil comes from an evergreen shrub that lives in the desert. The oil has been used for many years in cosmetic treatments due to its moisturizing properties. In fact, you can make your own hai... Read More »

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How to Wash Your Hair With Jojoba Shampoo?

Jojoba acts as a humectant. Humectants help hair retain moisture by forming a protective barrier around the hair shaft to lock the moisture in, according to Hairfinder. Jojoba is similar to hair's ... Read More »

How to Treat Sunburn With Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera?

Sunburn occurs when ultraviolet rays (UV) rays from the sun damage cells in the skin layers (dermis) and cause redness, peeling and itching. White blood cells rush to the burned areas and attack th... Read More »

How to Care for Hair With Jojoba Oil?

If you want to add softness, shine and moisture to your hair, consider using jojoba oil. It's a great moisturizing and healing natural oil for all hair types. Derived from the jojoba plant found in... Read More »

How to Make Hot Oil Treatments for Hair With Jojoba Oil?

In your quest for shiny, smooth hair, you may have tried every product on the market. You may be disappointed and hesitant to spend more money on products that don't live up to their claims. Consid... Read More »