How to Treat Yellowed and Discolored Fingernails?

Answer Nail polish can do more than just strengthen your nails-it can also mask discoloration, which is one of the ways your nails give a cry for help. If you're the sort of person who wears nail polish a... Read More »

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How to Fix Yellowed Fingernails?

If your fingernails have yellowed, this article has a remedy at hand.

How to Clean Yellowed Fingernails?

Yellowing nails are caused by using a dark nail color directly on fingernails. It's easy to avoid by using just a simple base coat of clear polish. Buy one that's specifically made to be a base for... Read More »

How to Clear up Polish Yellowed Fingernails?

Ever looked at your fingernails and hated the yellow color they have? Well, if you paint your nails a lot, that may be the reason. Soaking your nails in lemon juice can help whiten nails. Here's so... Read More »

How to Treat Thick, Discolored Toenails?

Toenails that are thick and yellowed can be caused by inadequate nutrition, poor health, fungal infections, or genetics. If home remedies don't work, seek the services of a podiatrist. In the meant... Read More »