How to Treat Wood Knife Handles?

Answer A quality knife can be used for all cutting needs; many knives are regarded as prized possessions by hunters and outdoorsmen. Taking care of a knife involves keeping the blade sharp and rust free a... Read More »

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How to Wrap Knife Handles?

Wrapping a knife handle correctly gives you a better grip on the knife, which will keep it from slipping during usage. Nothing is worse than trying to use a hunting knife and having it fall out of ... Read More »

How to Wrap Knife Handles With 550 Cord?

Wrapping a knife with 550 cord provides a secure grip on the handle, while also providing you with some backup line if you need it. Paracord or parachute cord, also known as 550 cord , is made from... Read More »

How to Treat a Knife Cut?

Knives are very useful tools in the kitchen and outdoors. Occasionally, however, accidents may occur that lead to injuries. Knife cuts tend to be smooth (not jagged) and shallow, but can still be s... Read More »

How to Treat a Knife Wound?

A Knife Wound is and can be a VERY dangerous injury, there is a huge possibility that you could be bleeding out and you risk going into shock or even death.