How to Treat Whiteheads?

Answer Almost everyone had an acne outbreak at one point in their lives. There are many kinds of acne, but whiteheads are the common occurrence of acne. Whiteheads are formed when follicles or pores, do ... Read More »

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How to Treat Whiteheads in Eyebrows?

Oil glands are important to the skin because they keep it moist and lubricated. When the glands produce too much oil, they can become clogged. This causes irritation to the skin, resulting in white... Read More »

How to Treat Whiteheads With Benzoyl Peroxide?

Whiteheads occur when the hair follicles become clogged with oil, dirt, dead skin and bacteria, causing white bumps on the skin. Treatment for the condition is in the form of a prescribed medicatio... Read More »

About Whiteheads?

Whiteheads are a common type of acne that can affect anyone, from prepubescent age and upward. Whiteheads can break out on the face, back, arms and chest. Learning how and why whiteheads occur can ... Read More »

How to Prevent Whiteheads?

Whats that white thing on your skin? Is it a pimple? It looks like white dirt. Well, it is. White heads are VERY difficult to get rid of because they are deeper down under the skin, but reading thi... Read More »