How to Treat Twisties in Hair?

Answer When you get a twist or band stuck in your hair, it can be tempting to yank it to remove. But yanking a twist is painful, since doing so will remove a lot of hair with it. Further, pulling out tang... Read More »

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How to Do Twisties on the Hair?

Twisties on the hair are a fun hairstyle for anyone. Twisties can be done all over the hair or just in the front. Twisties on the hair are an easy style to create and doesn't require much. Hairbout... Read More »

How to Do Twisties on Any Kind of Hair?

A Twistie is a hairstyle, also known as "two-strand twist" or a "double-strand twist". The technique is similar to braiding except twisting the hair is used. A popular hairstyle for both women and ... Read More »

How to Do Twisties in Hair With Braids?

Twisties, or twists, and braids in hair serve more than one purpose. They can help keep hair away from the face. They can be twisted and/or coiled about the head, or gathered into buns or knots. Th... Read More »