How to Treat Simple Horse Eye Problems?

Answer Often, horses' eyes can be effected by allergies or cuts due to injury. If the horse is squinting or avoiding the light, if the eye is red, cloudy, bulging or sunken, or if there is a discharge, so... Read More »

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How to Draw a Simple Horse?

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How to Build a Simple One Horse Barn?

A shelter for a horse can be as elaborate as your imagination can make it. The truth is that the most you need for the horse is just a place for it to get out of the weather. Include a place to sto... Read More »

How to Treat Horse Lice?

Like dogs, horses can become infected with lice. Equine lice infestations can cause irritation, hair loss, anemia, scarring and inflammation of the skin, and self-mutilation. Once a veterinarian ha... Read More »

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