How to Treat Sagging Skin From Long Term Prednisone Use?

Answer Prednisone is a corticosteroid that is often prescribed to treat inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, psoriasis and allergic disorders. However, this powerful drug also has a number of side ef... Read More »

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Does anyone know the "long term effects" of using Prednisone & Cortisone Injections?

From personal experience:weight gaindry skindry hair/hair breakagenight sweatsinterrupted sleep cyclesosteoporosisunpredictable mood swings (mania and depression)ravenously hungry for junk foodseas... Read More »

Long-Term Effects of Alcohol on the Skin?

Most people drink these days, it seems and some drink excessively, causing both immediate problems such as hangovers, irrational behavior and legal trouble, and long-term problems such as alcoholis... Read More »

Can rubbing alcohol have long-term negative effects on the skin?

On One Hand: Rubbing Alcohol is an Effective DisinfectantAccording to the New South Wales, Australia, Department of Health, rubbing alcohol and alcohol-based hand rubs are an effective disinfectant... Read More »

Is smoking ceassation results in skin rashes if yes then how to treat them how long will they remain help!?

some ppl breakout alittle when they quit, but rashes like u describe arent a side effect, u need to get it checked out by a doctor because its definitely not normal.