How to Treat Root Burn?

Answer Root burn is a very simple problem that is easy to prevent. However, if one of your plants is afflicted with root burn, it can have serious consequences if not treated. The simple cause of root bur... Read More »

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How do I treat phytophthora root rot?

Reduce WateringAvoid over-watering the plant. Let the soil dry out 3 or more inches below the surface between watering. Test the soil's moisture by pressing a finger into the soil. If the top 2 to ... Read More »

How do I treat cotton root rot?

Plant a barrier of root-rot resistant plants around the infected area of your garden to limit the spread of the pathogen. Replace the diseased plants.Compost oats, wheat and other cereals and add ... Read More »

How do I treat a lye burn?

I can only tell you from an EMS standpoint that my protocols say not to put lotion or ointment on burns. That being said, I believe it would be in your daughter's best interest to see a doc in the ... Read More »

How to Treat a Burn on My Cat?

Because of their curiosity, cats can get into some dangerous situations, such as running across a hot stove, getting too close to a candle flame or touching a hot iron. Outdoor cats can also get mi... Read More »