How to Treat Road Burn From a Motorcycle Accident?

Answer When you ride a motorcycle you do not have to have a major collision to understand the pain involved with hitting the road. Regardless of how good a rider you are and how careful you may be, there ... Read More »

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Can I go off the road to avoid an accident?

On One Hand: You May Be Able to Avoid DamageIf you must go off-road to avoid hitting an animal or another vehicle, you may be able to avoid damage. However; you must decide if going off the road po... Read More »

You're the first to arrive at the scene of a vehicle accident and are assessing a burn victim The victim has blisters deep redness around the burn and shiny skin You classify the injury as a?

Which age group is most likely to be involved in road accident?

17-25 young males. they tend to be boy racers.

Have you ever been in an accident involving road rage please explain!!?

Yes, I parked in front of the post office, and suddenly I saw this huge red truck backing towards me, in reverse, really fast - Apparently right before I pulled into the spot, a man had pulled up r... Read More »