How to Treat Mildew on Fabric?

Answer Mildew is a growth caused by microscopic mold spores. It thrives in damp places with poor air circulation, including clothing not stored properly. Mildew has an musty smell and will discolor fabric... Read More »

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How do I get mold or mildew out of fabric?

Lay the affected clothes outside in direct sunlight.Soak the fabric in a large bowl of cold water for 10 minutes.Wash the fabric in a washing machine with detergent, and let the fabric air-dry outs... Read More »

How do I get mildew stains out of fabric?

Take the item outside to brush all of the mildew off, so you don't spread mold spores indoors. If the item is not machine washable, take it to a dry cleaner and be sure to point out any stains to t... Read More »

How do I clean mildew stains on fabric?

Use Lemon JuiceSqueeze the juice from one lemon into a bowl. Discard any seeds or pulp. Fill an eyedropper with the lemon juice.Applying the Lemon JuiceApply the lemon juice to the mildew area of t... Read More »

How to Clean Mildew Off Fabric Chairs?

From time to time, fabric upholstered items can become mildewy from being stored or used in a moist environment. Fortunately, you can clean mildew from items such as a fabric upholstered chair fair... Read More »