How to Treat Knee Problems?

Answer If you have knee problems please look here. It is to help if you have fallen over and can't move it. This is not for broken or very badly injured legs.

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How to treat my knee?

I would ice on/off every 20 mins for an hour, and see how that does. Some otc anti inflammatory meds. Give it a few more days, and take it easy. If it's not better, head to the ortho dr.

How to Treat a Swollen Knee?

A knee may appear swollen from an injury to the tendons, ligaments or meniscus; from arthritis or another medical problem; or from overuse. The swelling might be within the knee joint or in the sur... Read More »

How to Treat a Knee Sprain?

A knee sprain can be painful but is not a serious injury. If you have been diagnosed with a knee sprain, you may have some pain, swelling and bruising. To recover as soon as possible from a knee sp... Read More »

How to Treat a Contusion of the Knee?

The knee sticks out and does not have a lot of cushioning, so it is prone to contusions (bruises). When your knee hits a hard surface or object, the muscles and soft tissue get injured. Blood from ... Read More »