How to Treat Ichy Skin From a Sun Burn?

Answer When the skin is damaged from sunburn, blistering and dryness of the skin occurs. This can lead to intense itching, which can be painful on skin that is already sensitive from sun exposure. To soot... Read More »

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How would I treat a skin burn caused by spaying hairspray and setting it alight?

If its bigger than a 50p piece he needs to go to A&E or you gp and get it checked.In future, treat all burns immediately by running under the cold tap for 20 minutes.

Burning cheek bones skin,ichy eyes,sneezing?

It could be hay-fever However the lower back pain muscle mus be cause by something else. Go check out a doctor or go to the local pharmacy for hay-fever tablets

I have a burn where the first layer of skin has come off but the second hasn't, how should I treat it?

Neosporin will help it heal quickly and without scarsthenMederma Scar gel when it is healed and there's a scar.

How to Treat a Burn From Nair?

Nair uses chemicals to destroy the proteins in hair, essentially dissolving hair right off the body. However, some people find out too late that they are too sensitive to these chemicals. They de... Read More »