How to Treat Hair Before You Sleep?

Answer Environmental stress and styling causes your hair follicles to appear dull and feel dry, as the sun, wind and cold depletes your hair's natural oils. Daily styling is also harmful to your hair's he... Read More »

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Why do We Need to Scarf Our Hair Before We Go to Sleep?

Although many women tend to go to bed with their hair simply down or up in a ponytail, sleeping with a scarf in your hair can help maintain healthy hair and keep it tame. If you want to promote the... Read More »

Is Sleep Paralysis Dangerous (Should I treat it)?

Sleep paralysis occurs when your brain wakes up but your body is still asleep so you are paralysed for a few seconds. In some cases it can be triggered off by sleeping on your back.For a few secon... Read More »

48% of us use this in bed before we go to sleep?

Falling before sleep ?

this is caused by a hypnagogic jerk a kind of twitch which occurs just as a person falls asleep this movement is detected by the vestibular apparatus in the inner ear which is responsible for bala... Read More »