How to Treat Dry Hands After Wearing Rubber Gloves?

Answer Rubber gloves are a wonderful tool to help to protect your hands during cleaning and household chores. Unfortunately, they also have an undesirable side effect of trapping sweat inside the glove, p... Read More »

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Have you ever caught your child-son or daughter wearing your rubber gloves?

I used to wear gloves when I was a child. Usually I wore them just for fun or something. However, as I got older, I used them for sexual things, but I've got a rare glove fetish. Regardless of what... Read More »

What is the best lotion to keep your hands from drying an cracking when you have to wear rubber gloves a lot?

Honestly, especially in your profession, I wouldn't use just any lotion since you deal with such a wide range of people who may or may not have any given allergies or conditions that might prove ha... Read More »

"I have a rash on my hands from wearing gloves at work...first it started as small scratche?

You might be allergic to the materials that the gloves are made of. Try getting a different type of glove made of something different and see if the problem persists or quits.

How to Put on Rubber Gloves?

If you are struggling and need some help with your rubber gloves, here you go.