How to Treat Chipped Paint on a Vehicle So It Won't Spread?

Answer Chipped paint may seem like a minor blemish on your car’s body, but leave that chipped paint exposed to the elements and you’ll be dealing with rust in a short time. Moisture reaches bare metal... Read More »

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How to Fix Chipped Paint on an Automobile?

With daily commutes or long distance driving trips, getting a chip in your automobile paint is bound to happen sooner or later. Chipped paint is often caused by minor fender benders, flying rocks o... Read More »

How to Fill Chipped Car Paint?

Chipped car paint is inevitable as small rocks and debris from passing semis or other vehicle hits your car and scratches the paint. Small nicks in the paint become larger as more paint chips off. ... Read More »

How to Repair Chipped Paint on a Car?

Any number of things can cause the paint on your car to chip, including pings and dings, rock salt, bird droppings and fender-benders. If left unattended, what began as a small area can spread and ... Read More »

How to Fix Chipped Paint on a GE Profile Microwave?

Ge Profile microwaves, like most microwave ovens, are built with a protective layer of enamel painted on the surface metal to inhibit rust; they are available in different colors to complement the ... Read More »