How to Treat Biofilms on Catheters?

Answer Catheters are tubes made of latex or silicone that are used to assist in draining excess fluids and urine, and for the intravenous administration of medications, liquid nutrition or blood products.... Read More »

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Biological Effects of Fluoride on Dental Biofilms?

Bacteria adhering to a surface form complex matrix-embedded communities called biofilms. These communities are difficult to dislodge and play an important role in the development of infection. The ... Read More »

Types of Balloon Cardiac Catheters?

Balloon cardiac catheters improve or restore coronary blood flow. Doctors often use this type of coronary intervention to inhibit the effects of coronary artery disease where dangerous plaque build... Read More »

Advantages of Peripherally Inserted Catheters?

There are two types of peripheral inserted catheters. Peripheral intravenous lines (PIV lines) are small catheters that are inserted into a small vein, usually in the hand, arm, or foot to provide ... Read More »

If you have your IFAK available to treat an Airman suffering from a heat emergency Which item will you most likely utilize to treat the victim?

Ceralyte----------------IFAKs are used to treat trauma. Use your canteen and the water in it to treat a heat emergency.