How to Treat Acne With Tretinoin?

Answer Tretinoin is a prescription medication used to treat acne by causing skin cells to turn over more rapidly than normal. It is marketed in the United States under the brand names Retin-A, Avita and A... Read More »

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Does Tretinoin help acne go away?

Yes, tretinoin will help your acne go away but you are right it does take some time to start working and also, it is very important to use this product correctly. Your acne may actually worsen when... Read More »

Removing Acne Scars With Tretinoin Cream?

Most experiments are made up of a control group and an experimental group. The results from each group are measured and compared to one another. This allows the scientist to determine exactly what ... Read More »

Why do I treat these acne?

You can put you face on top of boiling water and leave it there for about 5 minutes, Do it everyday.

How to Treat Acne!?

Acne can make you self-conscious and inhibited, but it doesn't have to rule your life. Acne is simply caused by excess oil clogging your pores and trapping dirt and bacteria, which causes inflammat... Read More »