How to Travel to a Dangerous Country?

Answer While you might have been warned by the Department of State or a close friend not to travel to a certain country due to its level of violence, this does not mean that you cannot go the country and ... Read More »

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Is it dangerous to travel to Israel?

On One Hand: Safe CitiesIsrael is a modern, Western country, similar to small countries in Europe, such as the Netherlands and Belgium. Cities are as safe as cities in any Western European country,... Read More »

Is it dangerous to travel to Guatemala?

On One Hand: Guatemala is Facinating and BeautifulTraveling to Guatemala gives you the opportunity to climb a 2,000-year-old Mayan pyramid, hike through the jungle and visit the town of Antigua, wh... Read More »

How dangerous is it to travel to england?

On One Hand: Travelling to England is Safe for Most TravellersFor tourists, England is one of the safest countries for international travel. Travel to the country, whether by airplane or boat, is ... Read More »

How to Travel With a Dog Cross Country?

Traveling cross-country with your dog can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. According to the ASPCA, traveling with a pet can be highly stressful, but with a little thoughtful preparation y... Read More »