How to Travel With a Dive Knife on an Airline?

Answer Since September 11, 2001, restrictions on what can and cannot be brought onto a plane have changed. For one, the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) has banned blades from being brought on b... Read More »

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How to Travel by Air With a Dive Tank?

As a SCUBA diver, there are circumstances where you may wish to take your own dive tank with you on a diving trip. When traveling by air, you can take your tank, such as a "pony" bottle, if you fir... Read More »

Can I carry a small knife on Southwest Airline flights?

Southwest Airlines, like all American carriers, follows the security protocols of the Transportation Security Administration, which prohibits knives from being carried onto flights. The exceptions ... Read More »

Airline Travel With Weapons?

According to USA Today, attempts by passengers to travel with weapons, such as firearms, can cause security staff at airports to delay the travel plans of the passenger until they have checked into... Read More »

How safe is airline travel?

On One Hand: Few Air FatalitiesAccording to the IATA (International Air Transport Association), there have been fewer than 1,000 fatalities per year for the past few years. Considering that there a... Read More »